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Much like Lancaster itself, The Townie owes its awesomeness to the passionate and talented artists of the city.  The constant hustle to live through art and contribute to our community makes us look like starving artist. But we're not starving, we're hungry.

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Sophie Roman

A freelance writer living in Lancaster City, Sophie loves local art and high-fives. She can usually be seen being dragged down the streets of Lancaster by her two dogs.

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Lore Mauger

Lore is a writer and editor living in Lancaster who long ago resigned herself to the idea that a career as a creative might not land her a mansion, but something more like a well-decorated dog house. As a full-time marketing copywriter by day and freelancer by night and weekend, she is thoroughly determined to see how little sleep a human can live on. Check out her versatile work here: 

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Zac Shoyei Rogers

Zac was a transplant from Washington State, now a proud Townie since 2011. By day he works remotely for a luxury furniture design house. By evening he works as a husband and dog-lover. And by night he works as a music producer and DJ. For a good time:

Savannah Thorpe

Loud, proud, and ambiguously brown, Savannah Thorpe is a Lancaster writer and activist. Sav credits her command of words and curiosity for obscure knowledge for her reputation as a firecracker.


Sam Interrante

 A freelance photographer living in Lancaster, PA. Sam's signature haunting compositions are powered by the human connections he establishes, creating true and striking images.

Justin Angelo

Justin hasn't just made his mark on the Lancaster music scene, but has helped to reshape it. A singer/song writer, this multi-talented artist lends original emotionality to each of his compositions.